Pain Medicine Research

The University of Toronto is the highest ranked research university in Canada, and one of the best world-wide. Rotations will be completed at multi-disciplinary Pain Medicine Clinics across the city, including rotations in pediatric pain (the Hospital for Sick Children, SickKids), cancer pain (at Princess Margaret Hospital, PMH) and psychiatry and addiction medicine (the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, CAMH). 

Accordingly, we are fortunate to have many nationally and internationally recognized basic science and clinical researchers in all aspects of Pain Medicine here in Toronto.

During the program, residents will be provided with intensive lectures and tutorials in all aspects of pain medicine including research.  Additionally, as required by the RCPSC, trainees must complete a scholarly project in Pain Medicine. In order to enhance the resident’s research experience, we have formalized a role for Dr Hance Clarke MD, PhD, FRCPC (Director of the Pain Research Unit at the Toronto General Hospital) to be the faculty member responsible for facilitating the involvement of residents in research. 

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