10th Annual SASM Virtual Meeting

Oct 1 – 2, 2020
All day
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Will the Real Sleep Doctor please stand up!

The SASM was founded on the principles to promote academic collaborations between the fields of Anesthesiology and Sleep Medicine. As we move to the next decade, SASM is a great academic society to inspire future and current learners in anesthesiology to join us and explore new ideas, and go #beyondthemask!

Why does it make sense to register for this meeting? Be the first to experience, and don't miss out:

  • Key note speakers:
    • Vice Admiral (VADM) Dr. Jerome Adams, Surgeon General USA, appears for the first time at the SASM forum!
    • NIH speaker: Dr. Emmeline Edwards: Complimentary Medicine and Sleep Medicine
    • NIH speaker: Dr. Mark Twery: Future of research funding in sleep medicine
  • This is not just about sleep apnea! Exciting sessions on:
    • COVID19 and Sleep Health
    • Gender and Sleep Health
    • Cannabinoids, Pain and Sleep (Our own: Dr. Hance Clarke is an invited speaker!)
    • OB and SNACC guidelines!
  • Free registration, with the ability to review archived conference material! Register HERE
  • Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Network and experience ongoing collaborations between SASM and Canadian Sleep Society, Canadian Pain Society, ASRA, IARS, SAMBA, SOAP and SNACC societies!

Please visit the Annual Meeting website to view the schedule and for more information.


Dr. Mandeep Singh - Chair, Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine (SASM)