Academic Promotions 2018 Update

2018 DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIA FACULTY PROMOTIONS Dear Colleagues,It is my pleasure to announce the faculty members in our Department who were promoted this year, effective July 1, 2018 to higher ranks upon review by the Decanal Committee.  Please join me in congratulating them on a great accomplishment!  
May 16 / 2018

39th Annual Shields Research Day

The 39th Annual Shields Research Day was a success !! This year, we celebrated the research undertaken by the faculty and trainees in our department.  It was a were where our trainees present the best of their research and showcase initiatives underway. This day was named in honour of Dr. Harry Shields, the first chair of our department.
May 11 / 2018

Tribute to Arthur Scott MD FRCPC (1923-2018)

Tribute to Arthur Scott MD FRCPC (1923-2018)  
May 11 / 2018

Why We Sleep ?

On Feb 21, 2018 the episode of Raw Talk focused on a topic that affects us all: SLEEP !
May 5 / 2018
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